The Art Of Attracting

Attraction isn’t just a law; attraction is a practical, useful principle. When you apply this formulating principle, you significantly become a magnetic power source, inviting new opportunities, new business and new relationships to you and your business. The principle is to be what you desire to attract; yet, as significantly important is for you to attract what you deserve to have. You become the attraction artfully drawing to you the prosperity, abundance, affluence and influence in the formula of new clients, new business, and new referrals. You become the magnetic energy that encourages people to want to be around you and to do business with you. You exemplify the artistry of attraction. You become the effect that creates the cause of what you desire to

These attraction principles represent some very determining factors in maintaining your business, expanding it and perhaps moving into new markets. Your innovative artistry leads the way. By keeping your Self focused on business, you become the key to stay on track without getting caught up in the law of distraction. The law of distraction comes into play when you focus more on the outcome. When you concentrate in the moment and not get ahead of your Self, then you determine – through your directed and deliberate efforts – the outcome you are expecting. The outcome comes in the perfect time without the stress of trying to make it happen by trying to control the results. The income cannot come in as easily if you are caught up in the outcome.

Trust your intuition; stay on track without second guessing your Self so you will attract to your business what you require for the continuity and expansion of your business. Go with your passion and trust your gut feeling! Where you place your passionate attention is how you artfully attract to you current and future business. People feel your passion, they feel your enthusiasm; they like what they feel. Be the effect you desire to cause for you and your business.

You are the huge difference which generates the powerful draw to you because you know where you stand. Therefore everyone else does too. You are moving forward and being consistent. Your business moves forward and is consistent. There is no confusion, no stagnant status quo. Your position in your business is your position in life.

737dc3a3d1beb5bf245e758e0986cbe6Stop selling your self and your business. Sales is not selling. Sales is the artistry of presentation: being prepared, knowing what is in it for your clients, their businesses and yours, building the business connections, strengthening the relationships and developing the referrals for continuing business. This is artistry in motion. Look at your business and your life as a canvas. You determine what and how you paint on your canvas of life. Be the artist that you are. Don’t try to fit into a picture that doesn’t fit you. Picture your business and your life as you would have others see you!

Sherry Anshara is Founder of the QuantumPathic™ Center of Consciousness. She is an author, speaker, business consultant and radio show host. Sherry is also the President and Founder of Blended Healthcare Consortium, a group of healthcare practitioners with one goal: to support individuals in achieving optimum health. Sherry is a member of the National Speakers Association, Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce, Arizona Holistic Chamber of Commerce, Women of Scottsdale and Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology.

Sherry’s website address is, and she can be reached at or (480) 609-0874.

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