From the Solar Plexus to the Feet

From the Solar Plexus to the Feet – Standing for your Truth

Do you know how difficult it is to stand for your truth when you are being defined by someone else’s idea of who you are? Do you get tired of stuffing down the things you would like to create for yourself? Do you get sick when you have to hold back and not be the “real” you to fit in? If you are tired of questions like these and you are ready to see how you can create the life you deserve, then let our Anshara Team show you how. Freedom and power can be yours…don’t wait this is the biggest step in the Anshara Method progressive process. Standing for your Truth sets you Free!

You will learn:

  • To heal your Inner Child and the past unresolved childhood issues and create a future free of them
  • How to create your life sensibly and effectively without trauma dramas and create a future that is filled with freedom, balance and power
  • How to embrace meaningful, healthy relationships that are based in love and support

And so much more…


This 32-hour course is held in 8 Week Sessions from 6pm – 10pm.