The Quantum Course

The Quantum Course

Your Quantum Connection Course

8 Evenings
6 pm – 9 pm

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$750 Full
$150 Deposit

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  • How to access the invisible bands of your clear Consciousness
  • How to use the information in practical terms in your every day life

These are some of the fun and informative things you will uncover during the course:

  • Is there a difference between your Aura, Electro-magnet field and your Bio-Energy Field?
  • What does knowing about the different layers of your fields mean to you in your everyday life?
  • How by understanding that frequency and vibration match frequency and vibration make positive differences in your relationships: family, personal, profession?
  • Will comprehending all this information help you in the professional part of your life?

And so much more!

The connection to your Quantum Field is your next step in the progressive evolution of your consciousness. Be prepared to be amazed how making the practical connection to the Quantum Field is productive, positive and purposeful in your life everyday!!!

Included in the course is Awakening the Divine Being Within Yourself.
This 8-Week (32 hours) course is held on Tuesday nights from 6pm-10pm.