WHEN: The first Wednesday of the month

TIME: 7pm to 8:30pm


WHERE: QuantumPathic Center of Consciousness

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Research is being done around the world regarding the connection of consciousness, energy and the relationship to the body and the mind. There are many great researchers, three of which are Dr. Bruce Lipton in his book The Biology of Beliefs, physicist Dr. Thomas Campbell, author of the Theory of Everything or the Big Toe and Dr. Candace Pert, The Molecules of Emotions. Leading International astrophysicist, Dr. Michio Kaku also talks about it on the Discovery and History Channels. 

The question is what is this connection of consciousness, energy to your mind and body? How does it work? Most importantly what does it mean to you in your every day life?

At the Anshara Center of Consciousness, we teach you that consciousness is your full clear awareness of your experiences without the fears and the emotional issues of the past haunting you. We show you how to direct and focus your energy to have a healthy life with effective relationships. We explain that when you are fearful or feel blocked, your energy does not move. You feel stuck. When this happens you can become ill, depressed, anxious, etc. You may be trapped somewhere in the past regardless of the date it is now. Through the QPEM, we teach you how to empower your Self in real life situations to let go of the past and the traumas associated with the past, get connected to your Self and heal dysfunctional issues that cause illness, disease, stress, dysfunctional behavioral patterns, etc.

When you are connected to your bodies, use what you learn here and apply the information in real time with practical applications your life flows much easier. Research scientists, including the medical community are now realizing that these valuable learned experiences become the Cellular Memory of the body. The value of this cellular memory, when used beneficially, makes life more optimal. This is how it works. We teach you how it works.

Our Free Introductory Seminar is an overview of the essentials to start living your life to the fullest. We will share how this connection of your consciousnesses, energy, mind, body, even words, affect and influence your biology and life. You will experience first hand (through demonstration) how your thoughts and resulting emotions are stored and carried in the body as the Cellular Memory of your experiences.

Here are some of the practical tools that will discussed and demonstrated

  • What is the powerful connection between your thoughts and your body.
  • Gain insight about how your thoughts and words are physical.
  • Acquire new insight about body language.
  • See how the physical body is impacted by your thoughts and your emotions

Observe how your body stores traumas, and how to release them

Held the first Wednesday of each month from 7:00pm-8:30pm.