What is the Anshara Method?
The Anshara Method is an innovative approach that helps you to tap into your intuition to gain clear awareness of how and why you are creating each detail of your life. At the quantum level of consciousness you are able to recognize and release any blockages of fear that are holding you back. You identify the origination point of core issues at your cellular level of consciousness in your body.


Why does it work?
The Anshara Method works because our clients are motivated to change their life. Many come to us frustrated because they have tried many other approaches to create a fully functioning life, only to discover those interventions were a band-aid, never reaching the origin. Our mission is to teach our clients how, at the cellular level (origination point), to become the Conscious Observers and Conscious Creators of their life. We find the area of trauma, cut the “bands” metaphoric for releasing the energy, and instill new pathways. It is a simple and complex process. That is why we work with the individual; one on one, which often gives them instant relief. And then we encourage them to attend the course work. It is in the course work that our clients learn in a safe group setting how to manage their trauma/dramas. As facilitators, we are focused solely on you and the unique set of circumstance that brought you to the Center.


How will it make my life better?
The Anshara Method supports our clients to understand the relationship between their consciousness and the use of their energy. They learn how to use their clear consciousness and awareness to heal their bodies and to utilize their energy more effectively and productively. They maintain a healthier body and create a healthier lifestyle without the limitations of fear.


Is it Woo Woo?
Your consciousness is your power source. Your energy is the movement of your consciousness. When you are not connected to your Self within your Self, you are not using your power source to optimally create your life. Your energy is blocked. Illness and dysfunction results. It’s Woo Woo not to be in charge of your life, your consciousness and your energy. You are wooed by something other than your clear Self.


Is there a typical client?
No, there is no typical client. Each person is unique. We facilitate for all ages and stages of life and all issues. The common denominator is fear and a lack of information about how to understand their emotional and physical issues, and how to heal.


What does the medical profession think about Anshara?
We receive referrals from physicians, scientists, nurses, clinicians, chiropractors, massage therapists, psychologists, and holistic practitioners.


How can I learn more about Anshara?
Please join us for a FREE Introduction to the Anshara Method on the first Wednesday of each month from 7pm-8:30pm. Everyone is welcome to attend. For reservations call (480) 609-0874.