From the Head to your Heart

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From the Head to your Heart– Your journey of clarity continues…

Upon completion of Healing the Hurt at the Core, you are eligible to participate in this course.

Can’t get out of your head? Always thinking way too much? Repeating the same situations and stories over and over again? Caught in your computer/brain’s neuro-nets of exhausting thinky-thinkies? Tired of saying the “right” thing that is not right for you?

Tired of being defined by someone else? Too many unanswered questions? Here at the Anshara Center of Consciousness you get the answers, no more searching outside of your Self.

Our Anshara Team shows you how to get out of your head and into your Heart and get the answers. Your heart is your real brain/mind. Your heart is the highest vibration, most loving place to start to live your life. Let us assist you to live in your heart and create the extraordinary as your ordinary life.


  • Live through your heart
  • Speak your truth in kindness, yet get YOUR point across.
  • Have deeper connections to your relationships
  • Strengthen your intuition

And so much more…



“I enjoyed the ‘How was your week discussions!’ Another great class…Bravo!” – Gary N.

“When I started using the techniques, I found that I became more focused, positive in my outlook, and lighter. Things just seem so much easier now and each day seems better than the last. Sherry’s class really is the gift that keeps on giving.” –P. Medley