Approved Provider for 40 Continuing Education Units for the Intuitive Powers / Practical Applications I Course thru American Holistic Nurses Association & National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

Experience the Anshara Method and develop skills how the body’s Consciousness, Energy and Behavioral experiences influence cellular memory which affect emotional and physical wellbeing or contributes to the illness, addictions and emotional problems of an individual or family.

Benefits of taking Intuitive Powers Practical Applications I:

  • Begin to clear your own emotional issue in order to be clear to assist your patients/clients.
  • Comprehend the difference between sympathy, empathy, and the relationship to healing for Self and the patient/clients.
  • Comprehend the difference between detachment and disconnection through a discernment process, which supports your own mental and physical health alleviating physical and emotional Burn Out.
  • Develop a deeper connection to your patients/clients.
A New Modality for Depression
Cellular Memory Release: A New Modality for Depression

This article presents a new modality in the fi eld of energy medicine that uses cellular memory release as a practical, effective treatment for depression. However, in order to understand cellular memory, it is important to fi rst review prior developments within complementary and alternative medicine that have led to this new treatment.


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“The Anshara classes have enabled me to develop more self-awareness in order to be more present with clients. I am able to assist clients to become “Conscious Observers” to identify and change their irrational core beliefs and unhealthy behavior patterns as well as release their emotional blockages. As a result, clients are able to feel more empowered as they reach their desired goals by making positive changes in their lives.”
-Mary Aylward, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Naturopathic Physician Utilizes Anshara Energy

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