Anshara 13 Chakras

13 Chakras Course – Self Actualization Beyond the limitations of Duality and the 7 Chakras

Be Where You have Never Been Before and Embrace Your Life more Fully.

Upon completion of Healing the Hurt at Your Core, you are eligible to participate in the 13 week ~ 13 Chakras Course

Would you like to have fun while connecting deeply with your Self, “see” some amazing results, let go of the “stuff”that is sooooooo over, enjoy your divine Self, tap into your 13 Chakras and find out what they are all about….

Join us at the Anshara Center of Consciousness ~ 13 weeks of realistic and sensible ground breaking tools for ‘real’ Conscious Living!

This 13 week Course is held on Thursday nights from 6pm – 10pm.

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$750 Full
$150 Deposit

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